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Fight the Gatekeepers!


Archived Cybercast on Impact of Recent Media Mergers on Future of Internet

Wednesday February 23, 1999
1:00 pm
National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Cable and phone companies plan to offer broadband Internet access through their high speed pipes to millions of American homes. But the cable companies don't just want to get into the Internet business, they want to become its gatekeepers.

If Cable and phone companies are permitted to restrict competition, limit consumer choice, and dictate the terms of access to their networks, consumers will be the ones who suffer. Openness, diversity, and consumer choice have allowed the Internet to flourish. Don't let the Gatekeepers take control of the Internet. Join us in the fight to preserve diversity and choice online.

NEW! Broadband in the Public Interest

Feb 10, 2000 - Broadband in the Public Interest, Vol. I, No. 7

In this issue: an analysis of the AOL/Time Warner merger, commentary on the merger from the Media Access Project's Andrew Schwartzman, and the latest news from around the country on open access.


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Consumer Groups Challenge Cable Industry's Promises of Open Access

    The Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, and Media Access Project challenge the promises of the cable industry to provide open access. [Posted Feb 28, 2000]
Cyberspace's Constitution
    This lecture by Lawrence Lessig outlines the importance of ensuring open access through an enforceable regulatory mechanism. [Posted Feb 10, 2000]